Cloud Architect
– AWS Certified Solution Architect

Introduction to Cloud Computing | Designing Multi-Tier Architecture | Designing High – Performance Architecture | Designing Secure Application and Architectures | Designing Cost-Optimized Architectures

About the course

AWS Solution architect is responsible for managing the entire cloud architecture of an organization. The solution architect tasks includes developing cloud strategy, managing migration, developing robust architecture. AWS architectured framework will be used to build reliable high performance application with cost optimization.


Bachelors of Engineering or Bachelors of Computer Science with minimum 1-2 years of work experience in SysOps and DevOps.

Time Commitment

6 weeks full time


Virtual Instructor-Led Training



Course Content

  • Introduction To Cloud Computing
  • Different Cloud Services And The Market Share
  • Amazon Web Services And Its Advantages
  • Amazon Web Services Architecture
  • AWS Billing And Support
  • Designing Multi-Tier Architecture
  • Designing Fault Tolerance Architecture
  • Selecting Flexible Storage
  • Selecting Scalable Solutions
  • Selecting Scalable Storage
  • Selecting High Performance Networks
  • Selecting Performing Databases
  • Designing Security To AWS Services
  • Designing Secure Applications
  • Selecting Cost Effective Storage
  • Selecting Cost Effective Database
  • Selecting Cost Effective Networks

Why Study With Us?

Trainer Profile Sample

Work Experience

Our trainer has
  • Over 15 years of experience in software Architecting, Solutioning, integrating and Development.
  • Handled automated development Implemented DEVOPS for Various projects.
  • Complete RDBMS administration of SQL Server including creation of DB, monitoring the health status.
  • Architecting many technical solutions for various customers.
  • Converting all applications to single-sign on concept.


  • Designing, Configuration, troubleshooting robust architectures
  • Responsible for building scalable design for building and deployment application in cloud

Education and Awards

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Phd. in Information technology
  • Certified in AWS SysOps Administrator
  • Certified in AWS Developer
  • Certified in AWS solution architect


The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and a person with experience in AWS SysOps / DevOps can join the program.
Yes, minimum 1-2 years of AWS cloud experience is required to join this program.
As new technologies evolve, cloud infrastructure services requirement increases. AWS has more than 30 percent of the market share. AWS architect are required to build robust scalable cost effective design and architecture.
Yes, you will get placement assistance from NLL Academy.
The average annual compensation of an AWS Architect ranges $1,18,000 in USA, depending on the project exposure.
After completion of the program you will become AWS Architect, Cloud Architect, Solution Architect and Technical Architect.

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