At NLL Academy, we are constantly reinventing the ways in which individuals learn, grow and advance in their careers. Our proprietary learning programs are job oriented and guaranteed to transform the careers for learners across the globe. We offer tailor made programs to suit the learning needs of full and part time students, and provide them access to real-life industry capstone projects. Our programs are aligned to

In-demand industry certifications

Real Time Market Demand

Exclusive employer needs

Through our vast global network of hiring partners, we enable NLL Academy graduates to achieve a rewarding career. We introduce our students to

Elite hiring organizations

Guest lecturers from diverse industries

Mentors and coaches

At NLL Academy, we strive to develop digital fluency amongst students of diverse age-groups and build a truly future ready workforce.

Our Extensive Global Network


Train and upskill your workforce to remain relevant and at the forefront of technology and industry. Learn more about our proprietary Zero Cost Bench (ZCB) Model.

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Equip your students with hands-on training programs and bootcamps, capstone projects and access to top-tier hiring firms. Learn more about our Pay Post Placement (PPP) Model.

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Why NLL Academy?

We have the ecosystem and expertise to help you jumpstart your career through our tailor-made virtual classroom training programs.